10,426,776Postal Universe $95.00/M
7,345,029Email Universe $115.00/M

Active Seniors Masterfile are age 55+ and are always on the go! These seniors are movers and shakers and growing old is just a number to them.  With technology geared to the elderly, these senior citizens are in the know about the latest and greatest gadgets, automobiles, fashion trends and more! Connect with these senior citizens for all health, insurance, realestate, beauty offers, telecom offers and so much more!

Segments Include:

*Mail Order Buyers
*Catalog Shoppers
*Vitamin and Supplement Buyers
*Medical Ailment Sufferers
*Travel Enthusiasts

Ideal for all consumer offers inclulding vitamins, supplements,weight loss, furnishings, outdoor apparel, investing, assisted living, travel, pets, telecommunications and so much more!
To place an order, contact:
Brokerage Sales (914)925-2400;