21,127,884Postal Universe $95.00/M
14,969,520Email Universe $150.00/M
Data Axle is a leading provider of direct marketing lists and data solutions for major Fortune 1000 mailers and advertisers. Our Business Central database of multi-sourced transactional and demographic attributes is updated monthly and can target the niche audience by its robust selectivity.

This database is the perfect file for office supplies offers, continuing education offers, business magazines, telecommunications, insurance, online offers, travel offers, real estate and so much more!

Representative segments include:
* Industry Type
* Employee Size
* Sales Volume
* Minority Owned Business
* Headquarter/Branch/Subsidiary/Single Location
* Government Business (Federal, State, County,
* Gender
* New Businesses
* Office Equipment Expense
* Job Title
* Ethnicity/Language
* Year Established
* Utilities Expense
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