40,576,000Cause Supported $85.00/M
40,576,000Facebook (Data & Upload)+$15.00/M
DonorBase developed a strategic new way of finding responsive donors who care passionately about current issues such as immigration, climate change, reproductive rights, government involvement, healthcare, and gun control. We can identify how donors voted in local, primary, mid-term, and general elections. We can find prospects that believe strongly for or against these missions allowing you to take action on issues that are happening right now.

Additional Causes Supported available - please inquire.
Can select by Causes Supported (Facebook counts listed - postal and email also available):
3,984,500Ardent Activist
3,841,500Supports Donald Trump
4,316,000Supports Trump Resistance
4,212,000Supports Freedom to Own/Buy Guns
5,031,000Against Freedom to Own/Buy Guns
3,438,500Supports the Right to Bear Arms
4,075,500Supports Gun Control
4,504,500Likely to Own Guns
5,161,000Unlikely to Own Guns
4,043,000Supports Creating Path to Citizen
3,113,500Against Creating Path to Citizen
4,225,000Supportive of Immigrants
4,147,000Not Supportive of Immigrants
Role of Government:
4,901,000Supports Gov't Provided Healthcare
4,166,500Against Gov't Provided Healthcare
5,356,000Supports Governmental Regulation
4,231,500Against Governmental Regulation
4,244,500Supports Environmental Regulations
3,165,500Against Environmental Regulations
3,737,500Supports an Expansive Military Role
5,577,000Doesn't Support Expansive Military
5,466,500Supports a Safety Net for Poor
3,913,000Doesn't Support Safety Net for Poor
3,984,500Views Trump as Presidential
4,966,000Does Not View Trump as Presidential
6,948,500Presidential Primary Voters
5,960,500Presidential Election Voters
Women's Rights:
5,752,500Supports Women's Healthcare/Rights
To place an order, contact:
Allison Hoshia;