12,500,159Monthly Hotline $110.00/M
4,075,125Email Addresses $150.00/M
3,441,005Facebook Users INQUIRE
A World Beyond Cash®

Target small business owners at home address with Mastercard® Audiences.  Mastercard® Audiences gives marketers the ability to target the small business audience via email, Facebook, and direct mail.

Based on their purchases and buying patterns Mastercard® has identified small business professionals that have purchased products and services for their companies.  These small business contacts are the decision-makers for all purchases used to operate their businesses. They are in need of products and services that help them stay ahead of their competition and efficiently serve their customers.        
Additional Mastercard® Audiences, along with a full suite of enhanced elements, available for
additional segmentation - please inquire.
The Mastercard® Small Businesses file is selectable by the following business types at $15/M extra:
1,330,352Accounting, Real Estate, Insurance
715,756Car Service
835,144Computer Hardware
691,429Healthcare Providers
872,124Interior Design
202,116Law Firms
694,470Marketing Agencies
160,198Musical Entertainment
440,192Pet Care Services
Mastercard® Small Businesses is selectable by the following purchase categories for $15/M extra:
1,978,440High spend - Big Box and Grocery
6,079,743High spend - Office Supplies/Ship
1,228,265High Spend - Travel and Hotels
3,082,047Cable TV and Internet
7,716,122Cellular and Wireless Devices
3,027,223Computers and Software
3,020,942Consumer Electronics & Appliances
2,928,125Domestic Airline Travel
2,929,984Home Improvement Supplies
2,816,294International Airline Travel
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Tara Finger;
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Jasmine Sanchez;