19,325,158Monthly Hotline $110.00/M
9,172,569Email Addresses $150.00/M
13,852,159Facebook Users INQUIRE
Fundraiser Rate $ 85.00/M
A World Beyond Cash®

Mastercard® Audiences gives marketers the ability to target any consumer audience via email, Facebook, and direct mail.

These consumers have shown a propensity to spend on travel.  As they plan their next getaway, they are likely to engage travel options that can provide them with all the excitement, relaxation, and amenities they look for in an ideal vacation escape. Whether they're planning a family vacation or a weekend retreat, these consumers have a tendency to book hotels that offer a variety of amenities as well as numerous dining options and convenient access to exciting entertainment opportunities.  Many of them are members of airline loyalty programs, visit airline lounges and have purchased multiple tickets from various airlines.

Additional Mastercard® Audiences, along with a full suite of enhanced elements, available for additional segmentation - please inquire.
Mastercard® Audiences include the following selectable travel categories:
- Hotels:
3,336,587Economy =
3,592,789Luxury =
3,383,194Midscale =
3,481,873Upscale =
3,521,646Extended Stay =
- Luxury Affluent Spenders:
23,314,746Discretionary Spend =
818,026Ultra Luxury Spender =
- Small Businesses:
3,658,618High Spend in Travel & Hotels =
9,763,462Domestic Airline Travel =
9,786,177International Airline Travel =
- Travel:
3,466,296Business Travel =
3,539,960Car Rental =
3,403,164Cruise Travel =
4,405,815Domestic Air Travel =
3,636,878Int'l Air Travel =
3,576,611Luxury Travel =
3,705,155Taxi/Limo/Car Services =
518,167Train Travelers =
2,626,389Travel Agencies =
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