125,000,000Total Universe $80.00/M
Email Addresses $60.00/M
Discover your perfect audience.

The Consumer Demand Masterfile is a data-rich prospecting pool including demographics, life event triggers, lifestyle segmentation, purchase and donor activity, as well as, insurance and financial positions.  With Consumer Demand you can reach your perfect prospecting audience to promote your product or service.

Consumer Demand has thousands of data elements available for targeting:

- Consumer demographics such as age, income, gender, and marital status.

- Automotive data including intent to buy and current car model/year.

- Life event triggers such as new homeowners, newly married, and young parents.

- Active donors to all categories including religion, political party, arts/cultural, children's causes, wildlife and environmental, humanitarian, veteran and world relief.

- Lifestyle interests including cooking, gardening, wines and woodworking, to name a few along with pet ownership and recreational activities enjoyed.  

- Retail, catalog and online shoppers by type of credit card, category of purchases, and dollars spent.

- Insight into the consumer's insurance coverage and prediction of future purchases.

- Investor activity whether it be mutual funds, stocks or bonds and the resources available for future investment.

- Travel preferences such as Timeshares, RV's and Cruises, dollars spent, and international vs. domestic locations.

*****************Fast Facts********************
Average age: 53                              
Average income: $70,697                      
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