235,000,000Domains Tracked
Digital Business Intelligence is a nearly comprehensive Internet census - monitoring and analyzing publicly available technographics tied to businesses. This gives marketers and data scientists an empirically-driven edge to support growth objectives.

Never before has this breadth of data been organized and made available for go-to-market.
Effectively leverage approximately 90 attributes on 50 million global business networks for competitive advantage when it comes to sales/marketing, building models, predictive analytics and more.

Ask about enriching your pre-exisiting data set and/or generating new data sets with increased granularity and better prioritization.

Can Select By Technology Trend:
*Detailed description available for each segment below upon request.
Web Server Count
Unique Email User Count
Network Growth %
Subdomain Count
Local Links Homepage Count
Local Links Level 2 Count
External Links Homepage Count
External Links Level 2 Count
DBS Density
Domain Cluster
Cloud Density
Cloud Diversification
SaaS Density
SaaS Diversification
IaaS Density
IaaS Diversification
PaaS Density
PaaS Diversification
CTJ Score
Propensity Score
243,944,600Domain Classification
243,944,600Domain Classification Score
220,738,420LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 1
179,045,124Nameserver domains
167,574,022Website IP
161,496,301IP Block Owner
161,212,548LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 2
159,805,481Web Server Type
155,044,416IP Block Owner Domain
144,185,219LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 4
137,631,084Mail Server
137,631,084Mail Server Domain
136,475,044Mail Server IP
132,304,683Web Technology Tools
128,164,595LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 3
126,741,760Hosting Domain
118,810,236LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 6
95,889,580Hosting Range Domain
93,866,365IaaS Company
93,542,580CTJ Score Previous year
93,532,846Propensity Score Previous Year
92,908,666LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 5
70,713,477Hosting Company
59,808,654Mail Server Provider
58,086,690SSL Certificate Issuer
39,749,522Subdomain Networks
35,000,166Web Analytics
33,247,250Social Networks
31,245,971LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 7
28,858,016Redirect Domain
25,289,339LGMDBS Density Prev Qtr 8
24,731,172Cloud Company
19,224,070Cloud Provider
16,657,403Country Code
16,657,209Company Name
9,009,176Annual Revenues
8,655,771Employee size
8,655,741Employee Range
7,415,423Device Count Current Qtr
7,084,138NAICS Code
7,084,138NAICS Description
6,551,639SaaS Company
5,481,993SIC Code
5,481,993SIC Description
3,925,899Year Started
3,740,230PaaS Company
1,486,354Twitter URL
1,486,080Twitter Followers
1,247,426Facebook URL
1,230,353Facebook Likes
920,132Website Traffic Rank
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