35,000,000Total Universe $75.00/M
6,000,0003 Months Hotline +$ 5.00/M
10,000,0006 Months Hotline +$ 5.00/M
Data Connexx offers one of the most robust transactional databases available today.
Mailers have an opportunity to target active magazine subscribers with additional transactional information in order to find strong prospects.  By adding demographic, financial, and behavioral data they can fine tune these prospects for even stronger performance.  

Magazine Selects:
 Expiration Date
 Multi Title
 New Subscribers
 Source (DTP / Direct to Publisher, Agent)

Magazine Category:
 Children's / Teen
 Computer / Internet
 Empty Nesters
 Family / Baby / Parenting
 Fashion / Beauty
 Health / Fitness
 Men's Interest
 News / Financial
 Science / Technology
 Women's Interest

Demographic Selects:
 Adult Age
 Dwelling Unit Type (SFDU / MFDU)
 Home Based Business
 Home Owner
 Home Value
 Household Income
 Marital Status
 Presence of Children
    Age of Child: 13-18
    Gender of Child
 Wealth Rating
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