3,677,651Active Subs w/Golf Int. $115.00/M
333,752Jan'18 Subs w/Golf Int.+$ 17.00/M
1,017,8673 Mos Subs w/Golf Int.+$ 12.00/M
1,869,2316 Mos Subs w/Golf Int.+$ 8.00/M
Golf Interest+$ 16.00/M
(All Orders)
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
The Time Inc. Golf Super Masterfile is a combined and unduplicated masterfile of Time Inc. subscribers who have an interest in golf.
It consists of the active subscribers to  Coastal Living, Cooking Light, Entertainment Weekly, Food & Wine, Fortune, Golf Magazine, Health, InStyle, Money, People, People en Espaņol, PeopleStyle, Real Simple, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, TIME and Travel + Leisure.

Time Inc. Golf Super Masterfile reaches subscribers interested in everything from golf tips and golf sports coverage to golf travel and the golf lifestyle, making them great e-prospects for travel, high-end merchandise, catalog, financial and fundraising offers.    

By combining Golf interest with additional demographic, lifestyle, and purchase data elements, even the most targeted campaigns will have success with this masterfile.

**Selectable by individual title - see separate
data cards**
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