105,000Total E-Mail Addresses $100.00/M
6,000Children Age 0-5 Months $100.00/M
20,000Children Age 6-12 Months $100.00/M
20,000Children Age 13-23 Months $100.00/M
20,000Children Age 24-47 Months $100.00/M
40,000Children Age 4+ Years $100.00/M offers proud parents and family  
members a chance to share photos and enter their
children into monthly photo contests offering  
cash prizes.  The CuteKid Photo Contest helps  
kids enter the modeling and talent professions  
safely, effectively and affordably via contacts
with industry pros.  TheCuteKid offers a $25,000
College Fund Grand Prize to The CuteKid of the  
Year, as well as thousands in prizes year-round.

Members enjoy the benefits of sharing photos,  
insightful blogs and articles, games and        
products, and are members of a community of    
like-minded parents.  They also receive a free  
canvas portrait and a 1 year subscription to    
Parents Magazine.                              

Members are avid internet and direct mail      
shoppers, making them a must test for all baby  
and child related offers, including  college    
saving plans, daycare, family travel and        
entertainment offers, clothing, parenting      
publications, educational toys and so much      

****************Fast Facts******************
Average Age............................30-40
Average Household Income.....$40,000-$55,000

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Lenore DeBellis;
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