1,090,997Total Buyers $125.00/M
204,722Last 12 Months Buyers+$ 5.00/M
147,454Last 6 Months Buyers+$ 10.00/M
105,112Last 3 Months Buyers+$ 15.00/M
Non-Profit Rate $ 80.00/M
The Great Courses from The Teaching Company were founded in 1990 and have grown to over 700 courses on a variety of topics including Science, Philosophy, Math, Literature, History, Religion, Business and many more.  

Each course is crafted using the top 1% of professors along with customer input on course subject and presentation.  Whether the buyer is learning about science and ancient history or skills such as public speaking, wine appreciation, and photography, their learning experience will be academically comprehensive, engaging, insightful and inspirational.

Buyers of The Great Courses are affluent adults looking for information on a hobby, to continue their education, or help improve skills.  These buyers have a variety of interests as proven by the top selling lectures including Optimizing Brain Fitness, The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking, The Joy of Mathematics, Fundamentals of Photography, The New Testament, Building Great Sentences, Nutrition Made Clear, The Foundations of Western Civilization, Understanding Investments and much more.  Buyers have a passion for the course topic they are studying and are loyal customers.

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*************Fast Facts*************
Average Age......................55+
Average Order Size..............$100

**Demographics and Lifestyle Enhancements

The following selects are available on the file:
    -  Recency
    -  Gender
    -  Dollar
    -  Course Categories (counts available upon
        - Ancient History
        - Astronomy
        - Cooking        
        - Christianity
        - Economics & Business
        - Literature  
        - Math
        - Modern History
        - Music
        - Philosophy
        - Photography
        - Professional
        - Religion
        - Science
        - Spirituality
        - Visual Arts
    - Source (counts available upon      
        - DMS
        - Internet
        - Television
1440 Multiversity
Academy Of American Poets
Acorn Direct
American Inst For Cancer Research
Apollo Magazine
Archaeology Magazine
Artist's Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
BBC Bristol
Biblical Archaeology Review
Bon Appetit Magazine
Boston Globe, The
Commonwealth Club/Calif
Consumer Reports
Cook's Illustrated
Daedalus Books
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Dow Theory Forecast
Foreign Affairs
Hammacher Schlemmer
History Today
Investing Daily
Kiplinger's Investing for Income
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Kiplinger's Retirement Report
KQED, Inc.
Littleton Coin Company
National Geographic Development
National Geographic History
National Museum African Amer Hist
National Museum of the U.S. Army
New Yorker
Nutrition Action Healthletter
Pastel Journal
Poetry Magazine
Popular Mechanics Magazine
Road Scholar
Saveur Magazine
Scientific American
Scientifics Direct
Sky & Telescope
Smithsonian Magazine
Southwest Art Magazine
Trustees of Reservations
Washington Post Company
WFMT Chicago Public Radio
Wired Magazine
Writer's Digest Books
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