179,968Total Universe/ Base Rate $275.00/M
The EMS Training Database Skills and Trade Email consists of people seeking to improve their skills personally as well as to guide their career paths via continuing education courses. These career focused professionals are the prime influencers within their company and possess purchasing authority. As a result adults are re-entering the educational system in increasing numbers. The attendees of these courses are highly educated professionals either seeking to develop skills which advance their careers or develop skills necessary to launch a new career.Training courses offered cover the following topics career management, communication skill, enhancement, leadership development, project team, creating, project management, finance and sales techniques.
The EMS Training Database Skills and Trade Email is recommended for various offers such as catalogs, seminars and trade shows, couses, publications, subscriptions, business services, high ticket gits items, social media and more.

*Applied Science*
Analysis                                 5,714
Biotechnology                            6,137
Healthcare                              39,832
Laboratory Operations                   45,047

Environmental Assessment and Audit       6,458
Sustainable Development                  6,154
Waste,Waste Water Recycling              8,330
Water Resources and Water Supply         5,469

Chemical Manufacturing                     610
Food Processing                          4,727
Pharmaceuticals                          4,007
Plastic                                  4,219  Process Design                             610

*Constructions and Trade Contracting*
Architecture                             6,138
Asphalt, Concrete and Steel Fabrication  3,163
Bridges and Hydrotechnics                4,096
Building Construction                   10,646
Bylaws and Contracting                  14,470
Highways                                 6,326
Structural Engineering                  11,803
Urban Development                       11,816

*Electrical and Mechanical Skills*
Electrical Design                        3,680
Electrical Codes                         3,244
Instrumentation and Automation           2,382
Mechanical Design                        3,063
Power Generation                           610

*Industrial Engineering*
Manufacturing                            5,599
Operations                               4,427
Processing                               5,226
Production Management                    2.622
Product Design                           1.020

*Mining and Metallurgy*
Extraction Processing                    3,383
Materials Engineering                      939
Metallurgy                              10,782
Mining Exploration                       1,268

*Petroleum and Natural Gas*
Drilling                                 6,831
Natural Gas Technologies                   886
Oil and Gas Extraction                   4,634
Petroleum Refining                       4,471
Pipelines                                2,088
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