81,857Total Universe/ Base Rate $135.00/M
US Postal $135.00/M
International Postal $225.00/M
UK Postal $225.00/M
Canada Postal $145.00/M
US Email- HTML $250.00/M
International Email- HTML $320.00/M
UK Email- HTML $320.00/M
Canada Email- HTML $275.00/M
International Email- TEXT $300.00/M
US Email- TEXT $230.00/M
UK Email- TEXT $300.00/M
Canada Email- TEXT $255.00/M
Intl Telemarketing $270.00/M
US Telemarketing $195.00/M
UK Telemarketing $270.00/M
Canada Telemarketing $205.00/M
Intl Postal & Phone Combo $350.00/M
US Postal & Phone Combo $225.00/M
Canada Postal & Phn Combo $285.00/M
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The New Frankform Textile and Mill Products Masterfile includes the senior management of broadwoven fabric mills, cotton weavers & knitters, dyers & finishers, waterproof coaters & fabric treaters and establishments engaged in the manufacture of fibre, yarn, thread, braids and rugs. This group represents the integrated manufacturers of knit apparel and other finished articles from yarn and the manufacturers of felt, lace and non-woven fabric textiles and also includes both the integrated purchasers and the contract commissioners who process mill product materials owned by other non-manufacturing establishments Including cotton silk and manmade fibres, glass tufted carpets and rugs, wools, mohair or similar animal fibre, dyers and finishers of woven wool fabrics.

The New Frankform Textile and Mill Products Masterfile is a B2B database that supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. The New Frankform Textile and Mill Products Masterfile is unique as the data may be utilized for a one time or multi use campaign or can be purchased for unlimited one year use. Each record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Domestic and international marketers can now confidently deploy multi-channel marketing strategies using Frankform's highly deliverable postal, email, telephone, and fax data to penetrate specific market segments in each country. International marketers benefit from using Frankform's highly selectable email database to market. The New Frankform Textile and Mill Products Masterfile is verified and updated constantly which make this file a powerful tool for your multi channel or single source email, postal, and telemarketing campaign..
This file is ideal for promoting all types of products and services including subscriptions, books, seminars and trade shows, publications, office supplies, travel, books, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, telecommunications,computer hardware and software products, social media offers, and more.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

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Can Select By Industry/SIC:
2,361#22110 Broadwoven Fabric Mills,Cotton
3,067#22210 Broadwoven Fabric Mills,Manmade
1,573#22310 Broadwoven Fabric Mills,Wool
656#22410 Narrow Fabric Mills
492#22510 Women's Hosiery,excluding Socks
658#22520 Hosiery,nec
1,009#22530 Knit Outwear Mills
180#22540 Knit Underwear Mills
331#22570 Weft Knit Fabric Mills
216#22580 Warp Knit Mills
614#22590 Knitting Mills,nec
931#22610 Finishing Plant,Cotton
272#22620 Finishing Plants,Manmade
656#22690 Finising Plants,nec
277#22710 Woven Carpets and Rugs
334#22720 Tufted Carpets and Rugs
9,742#22730 Carpets and Rugs
282#22790 Carpet and Rugs nec
2,213#22810 Yarn Spinning Mills
287#22820 Throwing and Winding Mills
716#22830 Wool Yarn Mills
430#22840 Thread Mills
92#22910 Felt Goods
148#22920 Lace Goods
89#22930 Upholstery Filling
22#22940 Textile Waste
524#22950 Coated Fabrics,not Rubberised
177#22960 Tire Cord and Fabrics
479#22970 Non-woven Fabrics
580#22980 Cordage and Twine
8,505#22990 Textile Goods,nec
778#22999 Analytical Textiles Filters
1,359#23110 Men's and Boy's Suits and Coats
923#23210 Men's and Boy's Shirts
266#23220 Men's & Boy's Underwear & Nightwear
221#23230 Men's and Boy's Neckwear
676#23250 Men's and Boy's Trousers and Slacks
1,081#23260 Men's and Boy's Work Clothing
205#23270 Men's Trousers
263#23280 Men's Work Clothing
3,889#23290 Men's&Boy's Clothing incl Sportswr
759#23310 Women and Miss Blouses and Skirt
707#23350 Women,Miss and Juniors Dresses
1,215#23370 Women and Miss Suits and Coats
4,351#23390 Women&Miss Outrwr inc Sprtswr/Trou
902#23410 Women and Child Underwear/Nightwear
833#23420 Bras,Girdles and Allied Garments
10#23510 Millinery
209#23520 Hats and Caps
372#23530 Hats,Caps and Millinery
709#23610 Girls and Children Dresses & Blouses
125#23630 Child Coats and Suits
1,361#23690 Girls&Childrn Outerwr inc Sportswr
243#23710 Fur Goods
209#23810 Fabric Dress and Work Gloves
147#23840 Robes and Dressing Gowns
229#23850 Waterproof Outerwear
707#23860 Leather and Sheep-Lined Clothing
134#23870 Apparel Belts
2,871#23890 Apparel and Accessories,nec
681#23910 Curtains,Draperies and Cushions
2,359#23920 House Furnishings,nec
2,054#23930 Textile Bags
1,553#23940 Canvas and Related Products
656#23950 Pleating and Stitching
1,246#23960 Automotive and Apparel Trimmings
156#23970 Shiffli Machine Embroideries
36#23980 Process Control Suppliers
9,127#23990 Fabricated Textile Products,nec
280#23999 Apparel Analytical Process
Can Select By Job Title:
7,394Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
3,620Production/Works Dir/Mgr
3,531Finance Dir/Controller
2,862Purchasing Dir/Mgr
2,465Personnel Manager
1,208Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
1,023Technician,Technical Manager/Director
1,009Quality Controller
801Administration Staff
720Company Secretary
707Operations Director/Manager
683Import/Export Dir/Mgr
254Senior Executives and Professionals
220IT Manager/Director
156Product/Brand Manager
142Fleet Manager/Director
119IS Manager/Director
99Services Manager
64Legal Executives
56Logistics/Transport Mgr/Dir
49Health and Safety Officer
44Projects Manager/Director
41DP Manager/Director
35Customer Relations Mgr
31R and D Dir/Mgr
27Communications Director/Manager
21Systems Manager/Engineer
20Training Manager
14Facilities Manager/Director
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