129,897Total Universe/ Base Rate $135.00/M
US Postal $135.00/M
International Postal $225.00/M
UK Postal $225.00/M
Canada Postal $145.00/M
US Email- HTML $250.00/M
International Email- HTML $320.00/M
UK Email- HTML $320.00/M
Canada Email- HTML $275.00/M
International Email- TEXT $300.00/M
US Email- TEXT $230.00/M
UK Email- TEXT $300.00/M
Canada Email- TEXT $255.00/M
Int'l Telemarketing $270.00/M
US Telemarketing $195.00/M
UK Telemarketing $270.00/M
Canada Telemarketing $205.00/M
Intl Postal & Phone Combo $350.00/M
US Postal & Phone Combo $225.00/M
Canada Postal & Phn Combo $285.00/M
1 Year Licensing- Inquire $580.00/M
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volume pricing
Full List Name: New Frankform Paper Mill Print and Publishing Masterfile

The New Frankform Paper Mill Print and Publishing Masterfile is comprised of executives and senior process management teams responsible for specifying and purchasing for their establishments which are primarily engaged in processing pulp paper and boards for the production of premium and quality paper and boards, corrugated solid fibre boxes, fibre cans, drums and sanitary food containers, packing paper, plastic film - coated and laminated, sanitary paper products, envelopes, stationary products, converted paper and paperboard products including:

Analytical Laboratory Process - Production control chemists and quality assurance engineers are represented in this group who are responsible for the paper and paperboard manufacture at every stage of production, monitoring and controlling colour, texture, bleach and clay.

Printing- printers and their senior specifying and purchasing management teams primarily engaged in the production of printed products and their gathering and finishing such as newspapers, periodicals, and publications, book, commercial, lithographic and gravure printing, manifold business forms, greeting cards, security printing, book binding, type setting, platemaking and reprographic services.

Publishing - editors, publishers and their senior designers and graphic artists primarily engaged in preparing, reading, editing printed matters, passing and proofing it in readiness of printing, distributing, and fulfilling pre-arranged circulation of journals and publications.

Designers - graphic artists engaged in the preparation and production of page and text artwork, typesetting posters and graphic displays for purpose of reproduction

The New Frankform Paper Mill Print and Publishing Masterfile is a B2B database that supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. The New Frankform Paper Mill Print and Publishing Masterfile is unique as the data may be utilized for a one time or multi use campaign or can be purchased for unlimited one year use. Each record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Domestic and international marketers can now confidently deploy multi-channel marketing strategies using Frankform's highly deliverable postal, email, telephone, and fax data to penetrate specific market segments in each country. International marketers benefit from using Frankform's highly selectable email database to market. The New Frankform Paper Mill Print and Publishing Masterfile iis verified and updated constantly which make this file a powerful tool for your multi channel or single source email, postal, and telemarketing campaign..
This file is ideal for promoting all types of products including subscriptions, books, seminars and trade shows, publications, office supplies, travel, books, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, telecommunications,computer hardware and software products, social media offers, and more.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

We also offer the following services : Data append, Data Enancement, Data Licensing, 360 Company Profile Reports, Company Match, Customer Profiling, SEO and more.

Can Select By Industry/SIC:
19,592#27520 Commercial Printing,Lithographic
18,006#27590 Commercial Printing,nec
14,365#27110 Newspaper
9,773#27410 Publishing/Multi Media nec
6,344#27310 Book Publishing
5,320#27210 Periodicals
4,700#26210 Paper Mills
4,592#27950 Repro-graphics
4,209#26530 Solid Fibre Boxes
3,998#26790 Converted Paper Products
2,721#27510 Commercial Print Letterpress
2,695#27999 Analytical Print & Publishing comb
2,605#27320 Book Printing
2,451#26710 Paper Coated & Laminated Packaging
2,085#27910 Typesetting
2,030#27890 Bookbinding and Related Work
1,929#26780 Stationery Products
1,601#26730 Bags,Plastics,Laminated and Coated
1,543#26310 Paperboard Mills
1,490#26720 Paper Coated and Laminated,nec
1,219#27610 Manifold Business Forms continuous
1,205#26570 Folding Paperboard Boxes
1,190#27960 Plate Making Services
898#26760 Sanitary Paper Products
837#26110 Pulp Mills
809#26490 Papers Converters
782#27305 Religion and Education
750#27820 Blankbooks and Loose-leaf Binders
722#26740 Bags,Uncoated Paper and Mulitwall
676#26770 Envelopes
654#26520 Cardboard Boxes
553#27540 Commercial Printing,Gravure
552#27180 Professional
543#26510 Corrugated Boxes
510#26750 Dir-Cut Paper and Board
472#26420 Envelopes
457#26560 Sanitary Food Containers
441#27710 Greeting Cards
430#26550 Fibre Cans,Drums and Similar Prods
419#26480 Sanitary Products
377#27220 Technical and Science
376#26410 Paper Coated Glaze
354#26430 Bags,Paper and Textile
322#26470 Sanitary Paper
317#27260 Business
266#27290 Sport and Leisure
241#26999 Analytical Paper Pulp Process
201#26540 Food Containers
160#26610 Building Paperboard
142#26450 Pie Cut Paper Board
125#27530 Engraving,Printing and Print
118#27205 Medical
113#27190 Wholesale,Retail and Services
111#27270 Reference
106#27930 Photo Engraving
99#26460 Pulp Moulded Products
89#27940 Laser and Photocopying
67#27250 Animal
53#27230 Art and Design
46#27150 Circulation and Distribution
Can Select By Job Title:
11,496Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
5,197Production/Works Dir/Mgr
5,182Finance Dir/Controller
3,937Purchasing Dir/Mgr
3,903Personnel Manager
1,650Senior Executives & Professionals
1,259Administration Staff
1,183Operations Director/Manager
1,164Technician,Technical Manager/Director
839Company Secretary
785Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
680Quality Controller
472Import/Export Dir/Mgr
394IT Manager/Director
281Services Manager
229IS Manager/Director
222Fleet Manager/Director
171Legal Executives
143DP Manager/Director
113Communications Director/Manager
74Health & Safety Officer
60Projects Manager/Director
56Systems Manager/Engineer
50Training Manager
43Facilities Manager/Director
33Customer Relations Mgr
32R & D Dir/Mgr
27Product/Brand Manager
23Computer Manager/Director
23Web Master
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