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Full List Name: New Frankform Lumber and Structural Wood Products Professionals

The New Frankform Lumber and Structural Wood Products Professionals is comprised of individuals involved in all phases of the lumber and wood products and furniture and fixtures industry including:

Lumber & Wood Products -  establishments engaged in cutting timber and pulpwood, merchant sawmills and plywood mills, veneer mills engaged in producing lumber and basic wood materials. Expert craftsmen and their establishments engaged in manufacturing finished articles made of wood or related materials, process engineers engaged in the mass production of furniture.

Furniture & Fixtures - establishments engaged in the manufacturing of household, office, public building and restaurant furniture, office and store fixtures.The work types in this file give it a truly international flavor.The analytical processes of timber and finished furniture, surface science and structured material formation including man-made fibre and surface materials to facilitate the production of modern heat and waterproof material which help in the design of domestic and commercial furniture.

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Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

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Can Select By Job Title:
6,622Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
3,617Purchasing Dir/Mgr
2,714Production/Works Dir/Mgr
2,553Finance Dir/Controller
2,128Personnel Manager
865Technician,Technical Manager/Director
659Operations Director/Manager
636Administration Staff
507Quality Controller
413Import/Export Dir/Mgr
382Company Secretary
325Senior Executives and Professionals
194Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
119Services Manager
113IS Manager/Director
100Fleet Manager/Director
99IT Manager/Director
51DP Manager/Director
37Health and Safety Officer
32Communications Director/Manager
27Projects Manager/Director
23R and D Dir/Mgr
14Product/Brand Manager
12Legal Executives
9Training Manager
7Customer Relations Mgr
6Facilities Manager/Director
5Computer Manager/Director
5Systems Manager/Engineer
Can Select By Industry/SIC:
10,743#25990 Furniture and Fixtures,nec
6,942#25190 Household Furniture,nec
6,777#24990 Wood Products,nec
4,829#24310 Millwork
3,529#24210 Sawmills,Planing Mills,General
2,640#25120 Upholstered Household Furniture
2,403#25110 Wood Household Furniture
2,240#25420 Partitions and Fixtures,excl Wood
1,911#24520 Prefabricated Wooden Building
1,872#25220 Office Furniture,excluding wood
1,663#24340 Wood Kitchen Cabinets
1,399#25140 Metal Household Furniture
1,367#25999 Analytical Furniture Process
1,290#25310 Public Building and Related Furn
1,270#25910 Drapery Hardware,Blinds and Shades
1,253#25150 Mattresses and Bedsprings
1,207#24110 Logging
1,194#25410 Wood Partitions and Fixtures
1,179#24510 Mobile Homes
1,141#24260 Hardwood Dimensions,Flooring Mills
1,076#24390 Structural Wood Members,nec
905#25210 Wood Office Furniture
822#24480 Wood Pallets and Skids
725#24350 Hardwood Veneer and Plywood
505#24930 Reconstituted Wood Products
359#24360 Softwood Veneer and Plywood
353#24490 Wood Containers,nec
247#24410 Nailed Wood Boxes and Shook
231#24910 Wood Preserving
172#24999 Analytical Lumber Process
167#24920 Particle Board
166#25170 Wood TV and Radio Cabinets
125#24290 Special Product Sawmills,nec
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