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Full List Name: New Frankform Food and Beverage Manufacturing Masterfile

The New Frankform Food and Beverage Manufacturing Masterfile is comprised of specialist applications of food and beverages production Includeding are manufacturers in the of processing food and beverages for human and animal consumption such as:
Meat Packing Plants- individuals and their establishments primarily engaged in the processing and preparing of meat products that are fresh, frozen and procured meats to include poultry processing.
Dairy Products - individuals and their establishments primarily engaged in processing butter, cheese, fats, milk and creamery, condensed and evaporated products & frozen cream and ice cream.
Canned Frozen & Presurved Food - individuals and their establishments engaged in preparing fruits and vegetables, jams, jellies, dried and dehydrated foods and soups in preparation for canning, frozen fruit, fruit juices and vegetables packed and prepared for frozen distribution.
Grain Mill Products - individuals and their establishments primarily engaged in the milling of crops and preparation of cereal, flour, rice, dough, corn for human and animal food supplements.
Bakery Products - individuals and their establishments engaged in the production of bread, cookies, crackers, pastries, biscuits - fresh and frozen.
Sugar and Confectionary - individuals and their establishments engaged in the production of raw sugar, syrup or finished granulated sugarcane, beet sugar, candy and other confectionery products, chocolate, cocoa, chewing gum, salted and roasted nuts.
Fats & Oils - individuals and establishments primarily engaged in the production of fats and oils processed from cottonseeds, soybeans, vegetables, animal and marine products.
Beverages - individuals and their establishments primarily engaged in processing malt, wine, brandy, spirits, distilled and blended liquors, bottled and canned soft drinks, beers and lagers, flavourings, syrups and additives to include coffee, tea and other liquid stimulants for human consumption.
Analytical Food Science - individuals actively involved in the research and development of all food and beverage products working at laboratories or production control labs and public health departments.

The New Frankform Food and Beverage Manufacturing Masterfile is a B2B database that supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. The New Frankform Food and Beverage Manufacturing Masterfile is unique as the data may be utilized for a one time or multi use campaign or can be purchased for unlimited one year use. Each record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Domestic and international marketers can now confidently deploy multi-channel marketing strategies using Frankform's highly deliverable postal, email, telephone, and fax data to penetrate specific market segments in each country. International marketers benefit from using Frankform's highly selectable email database to market. The New Frankform Food and Beverage Manufacturing Masterfile is verified and updated constantly which make this file a powerful tool for your multi channel or single source email, postal, and telemarketing campaign..
This file is ideal for promoting all types of products including food and health related products and services, subscriptions, books, seminars and trade shows, publications, office supplies, travel, books, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, telecommunications,computer hardware and software products, social media offers, and more.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

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Can Select By Job Title:
8,879Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
4,619Finance Dir/Controller
4,476Production/Works Dir/Mgr
3,557Personnel Manager
3,253Purchasing Dir/Mgr
2,715Quality Controller
2,035Import/Export Dir/Mgr
1,296Operations Director/Manager
1,159R and D Dir/Mgr
1,093Company Secretary
1,076Technician,Technical Manager/Director
995Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
934Administration Staff
646Senior Executives and Professionals
453Fleet Manager/Director
397IT Manager/Director
231Microbiologist / Molecular
158IS Manager/Director
119Health and Safety Officer
118Services Manager
118Training Manager
98Laboratory Manager
96Laboratory Technician
83Projects Manager/Director
82Communications Director/Manager
80DP Manager/Director
78Legal Executives
53Product/Brand Manager
36Systems Manager/Engineer
30Logistics/Transport Mgr/Dir
23Customer Relations Mgr
19Computer Manager/Director
19Facilities Manager/Director
Can Select By Industry/SIC:
14,699#20999 Analytical Food Process
7,412#20990 Food Preparations,nec
4,965#20510 Bread,Cake and Related Products
4,703#20860 Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks
4,563#20840 Wines,Brandy and Brandy Spirits
4,234#20130 Sausages and other Prepared Meats
3,256#20820 Malt Beverages - Breweries
3,188#20110 Meat Packaging Plants/Canned
2,927#20260 Fluid Milk
2,612#20480 Prepared Feeds,nec
2,322#20910 Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods
2,293#20330 Canned Fruits and Vegetables
2,270#20150 Poultry Slaughtering
2,049#20190 Meat nec
2,048#20220 Cheese,Natural and Processed
1,952#20210 Creamery/Butter and other dairy
1,877#20870 Flavouring Extracts and Syrups,nec
1,721#20850 Distilled and Blended Liquors
1,719#20640 Candy & other Confectionery Prods
1,687#20920 Fresh or Frozen Prepared Fish
1,638#20520 Biscuits and Crackers
1,621#20380 Frozen Specialty- Convenience Food
1,479#20650 Confectionery Products
1,455#20240 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
1,433#20370 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
1,431#20410 Flour and other Grain Mill Prods
1,403#20660 Chocolate and Cocoa Products
1,315#20950 Roasted Coffee
1,292#20760 Vegetable Oil Mills,nec
1,218#20993 Biotech Food Science
1,218#20996 Herbs,Spices and Sauces
1,093#20350 Pickles,Sauces and Salad Dressings
1,067#20790 Edible Fats and Oils,nec
1,052#20340 Dehydrated Fruits,Vegetables,Soup
1,044#20160 Poultry Processing
1,029#20320 Canned/Bottled Preserv Specialties
1,013#20170 Eggs
786#20470 Dog and Cat Food
719#20960 Potato Chips and Similar Snacks
651#20620 Cane Sugar Refining
584#20610 Raw Cane Sugar
569#20980 Macaroni and Spaghetti
535#20450 Prepared Flour Mix and Doughs
467#20430 Cereal Breakfast Foods
428#20680 Nuts,Salted,Roasted,Cooked or Canned
422#20530 Frozen Bakery Products,excl Bread
399#20230 Dry,Condensed and Evaporated Prods
378#20830 Malt
377#20991 Process Microbiology
362#20940 Health and Baby Foods
347#20180 Abbatoir and Offal
323#20440 Rice Milling
306#20140 Pork
260#20770 Animal and Marine Fats and Oils
259#20460 Wet Corn Milling
241#20995 Pasta Products
216#20670 Chewing Gum Sweets
208#20120 Beef
201#20630 Beet Sugar
193#20750 Soybean Oil Mills
160#20740 Cottonseed Oil Mills
124#20970 Manufactured Ice
47#20700 FATS and OILS
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