130,736Total Universe/ Base Rate $135.00/M
US Postal $135.00/M
International Postal $225.00/M
UK Postal $225.00/M
Canada Postal $145.00/M
US Email - HTML $365.00/M
International Email- HTML $435.00/M
UK Email- HTML $435.00/M
Canada Email - HTML $390.00/M
International Email-TEXT $415.00/M
US Email - TEXT $345.00/M
UK Email - TEXT $415.00/M
Canada Email - TEXT $370.00/M
Int'l Telemarketing $270.00/M
US Telemarketing $195.00/M
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Canada Telemarketing $205.00/M
Intl Postal & Phone Combo $350.00/M
US Postal & Phone Combo $225.00/M
Canada Postal & Phn Combo $285.00/M
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The New Frankform Entertainment Industry Professionals is comprised of the best who's who file you could ever wish to use. Amongst it you will find some of the world's most renowned individuals and we have gone a great deal further than that, creating a base that includes the entire industry of leisure and entertainment. Naturally you have individuals who command a very high disposable income and is comprised of the following:

Motion Pictures - spells the magic of Hollywood and we have captured everyone involved in the production of movies,   producers, managers, distribution management, teams involved in motion pictures, exhibiting motion pictures for commercially appointed theatres including similar productions for television or other media using film, tape or other means.

Performing Agents - access to the stars who frequent our home on a daily basis, acceptable by private office and home address where available.

Amuesment & Recreation - this base is probably the best 'where to go' international entertainment guide of all times, including individuals and their management teams such as dance studios, schools and halls, theatrical producers and centres, bands, orchestras, actors and other entertainers and entertainment, bowling centres, professional sport clubs and promoters, racing including track operation, physical fitness facilities and golf courses, amusement parks, membership sports clubs, amusement and recreational services. In fact every conceivable form of entertainment and entertainers throughout the world. Some you would recognize immediately and others you would never realized existed.

The New Frankform Entertainment Industry Professionals is a B2B database that supplies the most up to date verfied information for your email, postal, or telemarketing campaign. The New Frankform Entertainment Industry Professionals  is unique as the data may be utilized for a one time or multi use campaign or can be purchased for unlimited one year use. Each record is delivered with the email address, postal address, and phone number enhancing your ability to reach your target market via a multi channel or individual marketing campaign. Domestic and international marketers can now confidently deploy multi-channel marketing strategies using Frankform's highly deliverable postal, email, telephone, and fax data to penetrate specific market segments in each country. International marketers benefit from using Frankform's highly selectable email database to market. The New Frankform Entertainment Industry Professionals is verified and updated constantly which make this file a powerful tool for your multi channel or single source email, postal, and telemarketing campaign..
This file is ideal for promoting all types of products includinng subscriptions, books, seminars and trade shows, publications, office supplies, travel, books, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, elecommunications,computer hardware and software products, social media offers, and more.

Our Data is:
Updated daily.
100% tele-verified and email verified (1.2 million verification calls per month)
SMTP Verification ,NCOA Verified
Permission based email address
10MM verification messages sent per month to verify email address

We also offer the following services : Data append, Data Enancement, Data Licensing, 360 Company Profile Reports, Company Match, Customer Profiling, SEO and more.

Can Select By Industry:
22,043#79990 Amusement and Recreation,nec
12,762#78190 Motion Picture Services
11,679#79920 Public Golf Courses
8,777#78410 Video Tape Rental
8,507#78120 Video Production
8,463#79910 Physical Fitness Facilities
7,124#79410 Sports Clubs,Managers & Promoters
6,945#78140 Film Production for TV
6,779#79970 Football Clubs FA
5,752#78130 Film Production
5,688#79290 Entertainers & Entertainmnt Groups
3,733#78150 Music Production
3,126#79960 Amusement Parks
3,006#79220 Theatrical Producers and Services
2,922#78999 Media combined
2,583#79110 Dance Studios,Schools and Halls
2,219#79972 Yacht Clubs
1,741#78510 Agents
1,597#79480 Racing,including Track Operation
1,084#79330 Bowling Centres
997#78290 Motion Picture Distribution Svcs
768#79930 Coin Operated Amusement Devices
568#79420 Health Clubs
501#78320 Motion Picture Dealers
402#79999 Amusement and Recreation combined
329#78240 Film and Tape Distribution for TV
267#78230 Film Distributors
213#78220 Motion Picture and Tape Distribution
110#78990 Video Motion nec
25#78330 Drive-in Cinemas
19#79320 Billiard and Pool Establishments
Can Select By Job Title:
5,184Senior Executives and Professionals
4,131Production/Works Dir/Mgr
3,749Company Secretary
2,621Marketing/Sales Dir/Mgr
2,129Technician,Technical Manager/Director
1,869Administration Staff
1,801Personnel Manager
1,417Finance Dir/Controller
738Commercial/Bus Develop Manager/Director
313Operations Director/Manager
241Purchasing Dir/Mgr
183Services Manager
180IT Manager/Director
171Legal Executives
129Product/Brand Manager
124Projects Manager/Director
113Training Manager
99Communications Director/Manager
55Events Planner
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