168,000Annually $120.00/M
14,000Monthly $120.00/M
As the leading newborn portrait photographers in the world for the last 50 years, Mom365 is the first to meet new moms in hospitals. Within two weeks after she arrives home, baby's first photos are delivered direct-to-home via first class mail, contained within an attractive  photo folder.  

This eagerly awaited Newborn Portrait Package is guaranteed to be opened!

Leverage the unique opportunity to insert a special offer, coupon or other collateral and reach thousands of responsive buyers!  Premium sponsorship of cover folder is available.

The folder drives mom to visit the Mom365 website - to be a part of their 1 million  strong online "mommunity" which connects moms with other moms...everybody shares photos, funny stories, special moments. They help moms save with unique deals & discounts on baby basics and a few well-deserved indulgences.

Size:  No larger than 8 by 10 inches

Weight:  Inquire
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