6,431,392NOZA Charitable Donors $85.00/M
163,296International Causes +$10.00/M
Commercial Mailer Rate $70.00/M
Facebook Audiences $25.00/M
NOZA identifies contributors to thousands of local nonprofits, including organizations whose primary purpose is to provide services or other forms of support to increase mutual understanding across countries, encourage social, economic or political development outside of the U.S., and/or impact national, multilateral or international policies on international issues.

The NOZA International Donors list has been enhanced to identify a wealth of demographic and lifestyle attributes.  

 ************** Fast Facts ******************
 Average Age...............................67
 Average HH Income...................$115,667

Categories include:    
Alliances & Advocacy
Arms Control & Peace
Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
International Academic Exchange
International Affairs, Foreign Policy, & Globalization
International Agricultural Development
International Cultural Exchange
International Democracy & Civil Society Development
International Development
International Economic & Trade Policy
International Economic Development
International Educational Development
International Environment, Population & Sustainability
International Exchange N.E.C.
International Health Development
International Human Rights
International Migration & Refugee Issues
International Peace & Security
International Relief
International Science & Technology Development
International, Foreign Affairs & National Security N.E.C.
Management & Technical Assistance
National Security
Professional Societies & Associations
Promotion of International Understanding
Research Institutes & Public Policy Analysis
Support N.E.C.
United Nations Associations
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