4,048,044NOZA Charitable Donors $ 85.00/M
391,696Hospitals & Clinics+$ 10.00/M
42,680Donors to Specialty+$ 10.00/M
71,277Donors-Children Hospitals+$ 10.00/M
Commercial Mailer Rate $ 70.00/M
Facebook Audiences $ 25.00/M
The NOZA Donor Masterfile represents a revolution in identifying donor prospects, providing nonprofits with powerful access to unique new data selections.

NOZA identifies contributors to thousands of local nonprofits, including organizations that have donated to twenty-four hour medical institutions that provide diagnostic and treatment services for people whose illnesses require an overnight stay. Most hospitals also provide a variety of services on an outpatient basis.

The NOZA Hospital & Clnic Donors list has been enhanced to identify a wealth of demographic and lifestyle attributes.  

 ************** Fast Facts ******************
 Average Age...............................68
 Average HH Income...................$108,397

NOZA offers the most explosive source of donor insight data available.  Reach these prospects now to begin the vital relationships fueling your organization's future success!

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