894,950Active U.S.Subscribers $110.00/M
36,661Last 1 Month Subscribers+$ 16.00/M
119,465Last 3 Month Subscribers+$ 11.00/M
234,068Last 6 Month Subscribers+$ 6.00/M
355,41312 Month Expires $ 85.00/M
Non-Competitive Catalog $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
Scoring Fee+$ 35.00/M
No upfront modeling fee
(Formerly Source Interlink Media)

TEN - The Enthusiast Network has one of the largest male enthusiast databases on the market today.  Their publications cover major male interests groups. They have numerous titles including well known magazines such as Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine and Hot Rod.  The TEN database consists of serious hobbyists and sportsmen. They are not just spectators; they are doers, active and passionate about their sport or interest. These men maintain households with above average incomes; they are educated, with the majority being over thirty five years old and married.

TEN - The Enthusiast Network offers three custom predictive models to help mailers better penetrate the wealth of high quality consumers on their database of over two million male enthusiasts. They are as follows:

Good Customer Match Model - Creates a mailing universe with the TEN - The Enthusiast Network database that "looks like" the mailer's best customer.  This model is built by matching an nth of the mailer's customer file in order to identify customers that both the mailer and TEN - The Enthusiast Network have in common.  The common traits are then matched against the non-matches and the file is scored to identify the best prospects based on this data.

Pseudo-Regression Model is built from both the responders and non-responders from the mailer's previous campaigns, which are then analyzed against the TEN - The Enthusiast Network file.  The mailer must provide 50,000+ responders to ensure that after the responders are matched against the TEN file there are enough records to build a model. This model provides a reliable predictability of consumer behavior and can be built much faster than a mailed regression model.        

Mailed Regression Model - Creates the greatest level of reliable predictability of the consumer behavior being measured (ie gross/net response, pay-up, dollars spend, etc).  The mailer must mail enough in one or more mailings to generate 1,000+ responses.  These 1,000+ customers are compared to the other prospects in the same mailing who failed to exhibit the same behavior.
The resulting analysis creates a mailing universe that the mailer may expect to perform as the model indicates.  

There are no upfront costs for building a model, but a commitment of 75,000 records mailed in the first twelve months is required.
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