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The Institute for Humane Studies at George MasonUniversity is an educational institution that reaches promising young students with the ideas of free markets and individual liberty.  It hosts seminars each summer to teach students about the ideas of liberty.  It also hosts  special programs to help train a new generation of professors, journalists, and policy experts who share these beliefs.
America's Future Foundation
American Civil Rights Union
American Council of Trustees & Al
American Legislative Exchange Cou
Americans For Prosperity
Atlas Network
Capital Research Center
Cato Institute
Claremont Institute
Comm. For A Constructive Tomorrow
Competitive Enterprise Institute
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Empire Center for Public Policy
Foundation For Economic Education
Heritage Action for America
Heritage Foundation
Independent Institute
Institute For Justice
James Madison Institute
Judicial Watch
Leadership Institute
Libertarian Party
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Moving Picture Institute
National Association of Scholars
National Taxpayers Union
Pacific Legal Foundation
Pacific Research Institute
State Freedom Co-op
State Policy Network
Tax Foundation
Texas Public Policy Foundation
World War II Veterans Committee
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