260,117Total Pastors/Leaders $110.00/M
119,157Male Pastors/Leaders+$ 8.00/M
106,764Female Pastors/Leaders+$ 8.00/M
Consumer Catalog $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
The Christianity Today - Pastors/Leaders Masterfile is a merged database of clergy and leaders who subscribe to one or more of the Christianity Today publications, including Leadership, Christianity Today, and Books & Culture as well as CTI's paid-access web resources.  

Those who hold a position of church authority employ many talents - counselor, educator, leader, and business manager.  Each discipline requires its own specific set of skills - and CTI Pastors and Leaders do not hesitate to acquire whatever it takes for their own self improvement. At home, they indulge their active intellects and above average incomes with books, reference works, current events magazines, and catalog merchandise.  These faithful thinkers and doers represent an ideal congregation of religious and secular consumers.
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