528,967Active Subscribers $145.00/M
Financial / Investment $170.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 85.00/M
Scoring Fee+$ 25.00/M
Throughout its 100+ year history, Forbes has been the defining voice of entrepreunerial capitalism; the global leader championing success by celebrating those who have made it, those who aspire to make it and those who help others make it.  The leading business media brand in the world, Forbes provides extensive real-time reporting, uncompromising commentary and coverage of top headlines on business, politics, technology, innovation and more.  Its trusted journalism includes famed lists such as World's Billionaires, The Forbes 400, Most Powerful Women, and 30 Under 30.

Using their extensive, data-rich historical and
transactional customer database, along with    
multi-sourced enhancements Forbes offers  
mailers the option of building a Good Customer
Match Model, a Mail Match Model or a Mailed    
Regression Model.

Good Customer Match Model                      
This model finds prospects that most closely    
resemble a mailer's best customers or donors.  
The model is built by taking a cross-section of
a mailer's "best customers" and matching them up
against the Forbes Model universe.  A      
minimum of 100,000 best customers or donors    
should be provided.  Regression analysis        
determines which variables are the most        
predictive for identifying those Forbes    
subscribers who "look" the most like the        
mailer's best customers or donors.

Mailed Response                                
This model uses actual responders from the      
mailer's cross-section mailing of Forbes. A
large enough cross section must be tested in    
order to yield 1,000 (net) responders. The      
responders are returned along with a copy of the
net names mailed file.  The characteristics that
are most likely to generate positive results are
identified and a scoring equation is developed.

Mail-Match Model                                
Similar to the Response Model, but instead of  
mailing an Nth of the Forbes file, the      
mailer forwards a copy of their most recently  
completed campaign (flagging responders).  Using
all the data received from all of the lists    
mailed from that campaign (or multiple          
campaigns), a model is built.                  

Upon completion of the model build, a modeling  
report will be provided.  Model builds typically
take 6-8 weeks to complete, but timing varies.  
Please allow 3 business days to process model  
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