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Student Education Network College Students are students who are pursuing an associates, bachelors, masters or PhD degree. There are currently 19.9 million college students with 5,300 college/universities in the US which makes up a large population of highly selectable individuals. These young adults are ready to take on the world and pursue their dreams and are making life-long decisions that will impact what they spend their money on.

Student Selects Include:
*Current Students in a 2-Year Program     *Current Students in a 4-Year Program
*Current Graduate Students        *Major/Intended Field of Study           *Parents of College Students                 *Interest in Continuing Education         *Remote/Distance Learning Students
*Freshman Year Students
*Sophomore Year Students
*Junior Year Students
*Senior Year Students

Reach these motivated college students for all
offers relating to scholarships, financial aid, continuing education, seminars, events, credit cards, school supplies, electronics, gym memberships, travel, real estate, books, home decor and much more!
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