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Consumer Central Life Event Triggers are "In-Market" consumers ready to buy. With each life event comes the need and want for consumers to spend. Consumer Central Life Event Triggers offers the perfect opportunity to reach consumers at the right time - before, during, or after their life event. These life-trigger - events have an enormous impact on consumer buying behavior. Whether consumers are getting married, having a baby, or buying a first home or automobile, all will have specific needs for products and services.

This dataset is a great source for bridal registries, hotels, travel offers, credit card offers, magazine merchandise, electronics, insurance, real estate offers, financial offers, home furnishing, apparel gifts and more!

Life event triggers include:

*Newly Engaged
*Newly Married
*Expecting Moms
*College Bound Students & Parents
*New Movers
*Newly Divorced
*Milestone Anniversaries
*New Parents
*Parents with Student Drivers
*Expecting Grandparents
*New Homeowners
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