50,182,768Postal Universe$ 85.00/M
35,416,027Email Universe$100.00/M
Consumer Central Seniors maybe categorized by their age but these consumers are actively shopping, interested in various health/fitness activities, the latest gadgets, travel destinations and a whole lot more!  No longer raising a family gives these consumers more time of their own.  They are on the prowl for products and services that complement the new freedom retirement allows, there is more time to spend doing the things they love -- and there are so many things Seniors want to do! These Seniors today are more active then ever and have the disposable income to devote time to their favorite hobbies and shopping interests. Reach these seniors for any consumer offer!

Lifestyle interests available for $10/m extra include:

*Collectibles & Gifts
*Debt Consolidation
*Final Expense
*Health & Wellness
*Home Improvement/Home Decor
*Job Opportunities
*Real Estate
*Seminars & Continuing Education
*Supplements & Vitamins
*Weight Loss

With hundreds of demographic and lifestyle attributes including life event triggers,theseindividuals are the perfect prospects for creditcard offers, education, automotive, home furnishings, outdoor apparel, travel, pets, telecommunications and so much more!
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