7,333,128Postal Universe $95.00/M
5,980,643Email Universe $115.00/M
Consumer Central Luxury Living gives marketers the ability to target any consumer audience via email, Facebook, and direct mail.

Consumer Central Luxury Living Consumers are all things luxury! From the cars these consumers drive to luxury vacations around the world, these individuals enjoy the finer things life has to offer.  Consumers in this caliber don't settle for basic, they love over the top indulgence! The sky is the limit when reaching these highly targeted audience for any luxury lifestyle offer!

Consumer Central Luxury Living audiences include the following interests at $10/M extra

*Apparel (Men/Women/Children)
*Automotive Owner/Automobile Intender
*Entertainment & Travel (Air/Land/Sea)
*Food & Wine Enthusiasts
*Health & Fitness
*High-End Electronics
*Jewelry & Giftware
*Home Decorating
*Music & Movies
*Spa & Beauty Pampering

*Additional interest categories available

With hundreds of demographic and lifestyle attributes including life event triggers, these individuals are the perfect prospects for credit card offers, education, automotive, home furnishings, outdoor apparel, travel, pets, telecommunications and so much more!
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