8,325,365Online Shoppers $110.00/M
5,148,659Email Addresses $150.00/M
3,548,956Facebook Users INQUIRE
Fundraiser Rate $ 85.00/M
A World Beyond Cash®

Mastercard Audiences gives marketers the ability to target any consumer audience via email, Facebook, and direct mail.

Based on their prior purchases and buying patterns, Mastercard has identified consumers who are actively purchasing items online. These individuals find the convenience of shopping online to find the latest trends, compare prices and quality of products, avoid crowds and makes shopping easy and simple!

Mastercard Audiences include the following Online Shoppers selectable by shopper type at $15.00/M extra

1,667,499 - Consumer Electronics
1,233,593 - Department Stores
3,624,750 - Online Audio Subscription Services
2,163,596 - Online Grocery Stores
 125,019 - Dating Communities
2,021,852 - Men's/Women's Apparel
2,865,376 - Online Video Game Players
 649,978 - Online Food & Meal Delivery

Additional Mastercard® Audiences, along with a full suite of enhanced elements, available for
additional segmentation - please inquire.
For list recommendations, contact:
Tara Finger;
To place an order, contact:
Jasmine Sanchez;