Postal Append$ 50.00/M
Email Append$ 50.00/M
You cannot afford to lose a customer to a competitor, making it imperative to maximize your customer retention marketing programs. With the increasing cost of direct mail, your clients need to find a cost effective way to communicate with their customers and prospects

Our database appending services will help overcome your online marketing challenges, allowing you to engage in multi-channel marketing strategies that will result in highercampaign response rates over stand alone marketing channels such as postal mailings or telemarketing efforts.

By initiating an online relationship with your customers in addition to your current offline channels of communication, you will:

*Increase the value of your database
*Generate higher response rate
*Build customer relationships
*Achieve the highest possible ROI for your
marketing dollars
*Gain the ability to measure the results from
your online deployment instantaneously
*Dramatically increase traffic to your web site

*You send a file of customer postal records to
Lake Group Media
*Lake Group Media matches
your file against our opt-in email append
*Customer matches are run through multiple
hygiene and validation processes
*Branded opt-out letter is sent to all customer
matches, ensuring permission & deliverability
*Lake Group Media returns your original file to
you, with an additional column containing all
matched customer email records, minus those
that had opted out

Email Match Rates to Postal Address average range between 40% and 50%

Postal Match Rates to Given Emails average range between 45% and 60%
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