185,42924 Month Buyers $ 95.00/M
35,486Jun'20-Aug'20 Buyers+$ 20.00/M
58,9766 Month Buyers+$ 15.00/M
100,37812 Month Buyers+$ 5.00/M
16,167Members $100.00/M
Publisher Rate $ 80.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 80.00/M
VetFriends was founded by a U.S. Veteran in 2000. The mission of VetFriends is to reconnect, honor, and support U.S. Veterans, while offering U.S. Military merchandise to celebrate service pride.  

VetFriends offers a free online Veteran registry where you can create a personal profile and post photos and other personal information. Paid members are given access to search by a person individually or browse the database by Military unit along with other benefits, gifts and discounts.                          

VetFriends sells a variety of merchandise for Veterans and active Military including Hats, Apparel, License Plate frames and other Auto Accessories, Field Gear, and Collectibles. Merchandise is offered with Military branch logos where applicable.

 ************** Fast Facts*****************  
 Average Age.............................67  
 Average Income.....................$73,158  

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