1,500,000Total Leads $80.00/M
600,000Monthly Hotline +$10.00/M
Consumers need loans for a variety of reasons and this file can deliver! We have identified online requestors of loan information for debt consolidation, home improvement, moving, taxes, and more. Marketers can target potential borrowers to share their own credit offers.

Selections available:
Age @ $10/M
Credit Range @ $15/M
Credit Type (Good, Fair, Poor) - self reported @
Home Status (Homeowner/Renter) @ $10/M
Income @ $10/M
Length of Residence @ $10/M
Loan Type (Auto Repair, Auto Purchase, Boat/RV
Purchase, Debt Consolidation, Home Improvement
Household Expense, Major Purchase, Moving,
Special Event, Vacation) @  $15/M
Requested Loan Amount @ $15/M

This list is ideal for:
   Credit Offers
   Home Improvement
   Poor Credit

**Custom Modeling is available-please inquire
For list recommendations, contact:
Sheryl Benjamin;
To place an order, contact:
Kate Dullard;