2,000,000Total Leads $80.00/M
750,000Monthly Hotline +$10.00/M
Consumers who complete auto insurance quote forms online are proving to be highly responsive to all types of direct mail offers.  Consumers on this file are prone to comparison shop for protection products both online and offline.  The data is captured daily in real-time on hundreds of consumer-facing websites (United States only) and every consumer on this file has opted-in to receive 3rd party offers.  Because this file includes current vehicle information, it can be utilized for virtually any type of vehicle-related marketing, insurance or any other targeted offer to the right people, at the right time.

Selects available:
Driver Age @ $10/M
Driver Gender @ $8/M
Vehicle Make @ $20/M
Vehicle Model @ $20/M
Vehicle Year @ $20/M

This list is ideal for:
   Auto Dealers / OEM  
   Auto Service / Parts    
   Auto Financing              
   Auto Recalls  
   Insurance Offers
   Warranty Offers  

**Custom Modeling is available-please inquire
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