7,127,953Postal Universe $95.00/M
5,026,764Email Universe $115.00/M
Baby Central Masterfile consists of individuals who plan to or already have children. These new and experienced parents are consumers with nonstop needs that respond well to a multitude of opportunities and offers. Additionally, they are seeking a gamut of products from educational materials, parenting magazines, toys, clothing and more to enhance their children's life.

These parents are the most approachable prospects available today. They purchase with nonstop needs and enthusiasm for the products and services making life easier for growing families.

Selects Include:  
* Prenatal - Due Date
* Post-Natal
* Parents with Children by Age of Child

Lake Group Media, Inc. is a leading provider of direct marketing lists and data solutions for major Fortune 1000 mailers and advertisers. Our Consumer Central database of multi-sourced transactional and demographic attributes is designed to increase direct mail and email marketing response.                            

With hundreds of demographic and lifestyle attributes including life event triggers, these individuals are the perfect prospects for credit card offers, education, automotive, home furnishings, outdoor apparel, travel, pets, telecommunications and so much more!
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