22,325,789Holiday Shoppers $110.00/M
6,425,158Email Addresses $150.00/M
5,461,744Facebook Users INQUIRE
Fundraiser Rate $ 85.00/M
A World Beyond Cash®

Target consumers that are shopping for holidays throughout the year! These consumers are shopping for Father's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and the big December giving season.  These shoppers have bought products online, through the mail, and in retail stores.  Mastercard Audiences gives marketers the ability to target these holiday shoppers via email, Facebook, and direct mail.
Based on their prior purchases and buying patterns, Mastercard® has identified these holiday shoppers. This group likes to shop and give gifts.  They are buying everything from costumes, party supplies, holiday themed accessories and decorations to gifts for family and friends.

Mastercard Holiday Shoppers are selectable by
specific holiday at $15/M extra:    
12,220,735  Valentine's Day        
1,569,359  Halloween              
  679,977  Mother's Day            
  365,480  Father's Day            
Additional Mastercard® Audiences, along with a full suite of enhanced elements, available for
additional segmentation - please inquire.
Mastercard® Holiday Shoppers(Nov-Dec) are selectable by the following categories at $15/M extra:
3,882,197Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shoppers 12,712,523 Children's Apparel
9,438,567Men's Apparel
7,815,874Women's Apparel
8,020,431Consumer Electronics
453,115Jewelry and Giftware
10,652,846Luxury Retail
3,665,330Luxury Travel
6,097,374Sporting Goods
5,319,244Cellphones and Cellphone Plans
1,678,399Cameras and Photo Equipment
1,142,467Online Shoppers
4,343,092Holiday Greeting Cards
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Tara Finger;
To place an order, contact:
Jasmine Sanchez;