2,426,869Active Subscribers $115.00/M
118,608Jul'19 Subscribers+$ 17.00/M
339,5893 Mos Subscribers+$ 14.00/M
675,3496 Mos Subscribers+$ 12.00/M
717,48412 Month Expires $ 60.00/M
191,724Change of Address+$ 13.00/M
61,062Canadian Subscribers $130.00/M
Catalog/Merchandise Rate $ 80.00/M
Charitable Fundraising $ 80.00/M
Hearst is one of the world's largest publishers of monthly magazines. With their Men's Masterfile, they provide an unduplicated  
audience of sophisticated men who subscribe to Car and Driver, Esquire, Men's Health, Popular Mechanics, and/or Road & Track.

  ************** Fast Facts*****************
  Average Age.............................52
  Average Household Income..........$117,813

These diverse male consumers are the perfect recipients for a variety of offers, including automotive, technology, health and fitness, fashion and grooming, DIY, travel, investment and much more.
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