9,167,541Monthly Hotline $110.00/M
2,852,663Email Addresses $150.00/M
4,134,894Facebook Users INQUIRE
Fundraiser Rate $ 85.00/M
A World Beyond Cash®

Mastercard® Audiences gives marketers the ability to target any consumer audience via email, Facebook, and direct mail.

Mastercard® identifies ultra-affluent consumers that have purchased high-end products from apparel to cars and everything in between. These consumers love to travel and visit high-end resorts and dine at the finest restaurants. They have the discretionary income to splurge on their extravagant lifestyles.

   3,382,548  Luxury Furniture and Home
              Furnishing Buyers
   3,319,200  Luxury Retail    
   2,956,312  Women's Apparel Buyers
   2,654,319  Men's Apparel Buyers
   3,854,976  Luxury Car Buyers
   3,642,335  Luxury Hotels & Resorts
   4,618,941  Luxury Travel
   2,561,319  Luxury Cruises
   4,601,298  Fine Dining
   2,215,540  Ultra Luxury Spenders

Additional Mastercard Audiences, along with a
full suite of enhanced elements, available for
additional segmentation - please inquire.
Mastercard® Luxury Buyers include the following selectable categories at $15/M extra:
For list recommendations, contact:
Tara Finger;
To place an order, contact:
Jasmine Sanchez;