5,282,128Monthly Hotline $110.00/M
1,690,280Email Addresses $150.00/M
2,441,005Facebook Users INQUIRE
1,061,368Addressable TV INQUIRE
A World Beyond Cash®

For the first time ever target consumers with transactional Mastercard® modeled data.        
Mastercard® Audiences gives marketers the ability to target any consumer audience via email, Facebook, direct mail and addressable TV.

Identify consumers that have purchased health and ailment products such as vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter medicine, physical therapy products, and nutritional products in order to help them lead happier and healthier lives.

Mastercard® Health and Ailment Product Buyers include the following categories at $15/M extra:
   3,276,519  Health and Personal Care
   1,319,200  Frequent Byr @ Drug Store Chains
     782,507  Frequent Gyms & Sports Clubs
   1,256,319  Vitamins
   1,135,261  Diabetic
     642,335  Orthopedic
     237,801  Allergies
     150,721  Senior Needs
     128,474  Arthritis

Additional Mastercard Audiences, along with a
full suite of enhanced elements, available for
additional segmentation - please inquire.
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