160,019,810Automobile Owners-Postal$125.00/M
104,304,100Automobile Owners-Email$150.00/M
Lake Group Media, Inc. is a leading provider of direct marketing lists and data solutions for major Fortune 1000 mailers and advertisers. Our Consumer Central database of multi-sourced transactional and demographic attributes is designed to increase direct mail and email marketing response.        
With Consumer Central we can reach automobile owners by:
* Auto Manufacturer
* Auto Year
* Auto Model
* Auto Purchase Date
* Auto Lease Date
* VIN Number
* Automotive Intenders Available

With hundreds of additional demographic and lifestyle attributes including life event triggers to choose from, we can pinpoint the best prospects for any automotive offer.  

Additional Transactional/Demographic segments include:
* Home Value
* Household Income
* Presence of Children
* Language Spoken

Hundreds of additional segments are available, please inquire.
To place an order, contact:
Brokerage Sales (914)925-2400;