268,000,000Postal Universe$ 85.00/M
133,668,764Email Universe$100.00/M
Lake Group Media, Inc. is a leading provider of direct marketing lists and data solutions for major Fortune 1000 mailers and advertisers.Our Consumer Central database of multi-sourced transactional and demographic attributes is designed to increase direct mail and email marketing response.        
From prenatal to senior citizens, Consumer Central can target the niche audiences for any type of consumer-driven offer.

With hundreds of demographic and lifestyle attributes including life event triggers, these individuals are the perfect prospects for credit card offers, education, automotive, home furnishings, outdoor apparel, travel, pets, telecommunications and so much more!

Representative Transactional/Demographic segments include:
* Ailment
* Apparel Buyers
* Automobile and Boat Owners
* College Bound Seniors
* Education Seekers
* Health and Beauty Buyers
* Medical Ailments
* New Movers and Pre-Movers
* Pet Owners (Pet Type Available)
* Political Views (Donors Available)
* Senior Citizens
* Sports Enthusiasts (Sports Type Available)
* Travel Enthuiasts (Domestic/International)

Hundreds of additional segments are available, please inquire.
To place an order, contact:
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