150,000Facebook Audience $40.00/M
AAII brings direct marketing practices to the world's most popular social network, Facebook.  AAII Facebook Audiences utilize a proprietary name and address matching platform to offer digital targeting that's as precise as Direct Mail.

AAII Facebook Audiences can be deployed in 2 ways: multi-channel or digital only campaigns.

Utilizing the multi-channel approach, clients have the advantage of reaching their prospects with postal and digital promotions simultaneously.  The result is a coordinated, multi-channel campaign which combines the pinpoint targeting of direct marketing with the scale and speed of digital.  

The digital only option allows clients to deploy ads and offers to very specific audiences via Facebook as stand-alone campaigns.

Once your Facebook Audience is created, the campaign can be developed and managed by your agency or us - it's your choice.  Clients have unlimited use of the Facebook Audience for 1 month.  Media fees are paid directly to Facebook and are not included in the Facebook Audience rates.                    

* Includes unlimited monthly use. Charge is a function of the # of gross records
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