2,672,426Total Responders $100.00/M
Model Scoring Fee+$ 20.00/M
Publisher Rate $ 85.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $ 75.00/M
The Easy Rest database offers respondents to highly promotional offers free information on the physical and mental advantages of purchasing one of their Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems. Consumers have the choice to buy 1 of 5 different beds ranging from their Easy Rest Classic Adjustable Bed to the top of the line Platinum model.  

*****************Fast Facts*******************
Average Age.................................67
Average Income.........................$57,435

Model Types:
Good Customer Match: Model finds prospects that most closely resemble your best customers / donors. The mailer is asked to supply a sample of 50,000 best consumers from their housefile, based on their own criteria, which are then matched to the Easy Rest database. These matches are then used to find additional prospects throughout the database.

Mailed Match Model:
Mailer sends names from an entire mail campaign with a flag of the paid responders. A universe will be selected based on the matched information. Customer characteristics which reflect a snapshot of each consumer prior to the mail date are identified for mailing.

Please allow 4 weeks for the model build.
For list recommendations, contact:
Sheryl Benjamin; sheryl.benjamin@lakegroupmedia.com
To place an order, contact:
Laura Cantinieri; laura.cantinieri@lakegroupmedia.com