33,000,000Total Universe $85.00/M
Email Addresses $65.00/M
Discover your perfect audience of travelers!

The Consumer Demand Masterfile is a data-rich prospecting pool including demographics, life event triggers, lifestyle segmentation, purchase and donor activity, as well as, insurance and financial positions.  With Consumer Demand you can reach your perfect prospecting audience to promote your product or service.

The Consumer Demand - Travel masterfile consists of active, adventurous men and women with a keen interest in both domestic and international travel.  Whether these avid travelers are flying overseas or taking a road trip, they love visiting places where they can relax and have fun.  Their interests range from exotic locales, cruising, resorts and hotels to fine arts, gourmet cuisines, photography, fashion, spas, architecture, culture, and shopping.

Target this audience by the following segments:(please inquire for pricing)          
   - Airline Upgraders - 1,110,000
   - Bargain Hotel Shoppers - 925,000
   - Business Travel - 2,800,000
   - Casino Gamer - 1,700,000
   - Cruises - 12,000,000
   - Hotel Loyalty Program Members - 680,000
   - Personal Travel - 1,400,000
   - International Travel - 12,000,000
   - Timeshare - 2,800,000
   - Domestic Travel - 23,600,000
   - RV Vacations - 4,800,000
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