16,000,000Total Universe $95.00/M
Email Addresses $60.00/M
Discover your perfect audience of investors.

The Consumer Demand Masterfile is a data-rich prospecting pool including demographics, life event triggers, lifestyle segmentation, purchase and donor activity, as well as, insurance and financial positions.  With Consumer Demand you can reach your perfect prospecting audience to promote your product or service.

The Consumer Demand - Investor masterfile consists of savvy investors who are committed to setting specific financial goals and doing what is needed to attain them.  They rely on the latest information available and depend on this to assist in reaching their financial goals.  They are involved in multiple aspects of investing from stocks, bonds, equity, commodities, currency and real estate.

Target these affluent consumers with the following selects: (inquire for pricing)
   - 401K Owners - 1,100,000
   - Credit Active - 14,000,000
   - Education Savings Plan Owners - 795,000
   - Financial Advisor Customers - 950,000
   - Financial / Health Newsletter
     Subs - 118,000
   - Future Investors - 680,000
   - Likely to Use an Investment Broker - 1.1M
   - Liquid Resources - 12,000,000
   - Mutual Funds - 6,700,000
   - Online Broker User - 2,200,000
   - Online Savings User - 1,800,000
   - Short Term Liability - 12,800,000
   - Stocks or Bonds - 10,000,000    
   - Wealth Resources - 3,700,000
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