25,000,000Total Universe $85.00/M
Email Addresses $60.00/M
Discover your perfect young family audience.

The Consumer Demand Masterfile is a data-rich prospecting pool including demographics, life event triggers, lifestyle segmentation, purchase and donor activity, as well as, insurance and financial positions.  With Consumer Demand you can reach your perfect prospecting audience to promote your product or service.

Whether these expectant parents are welcoming their first child or their fifth into their families they all want to raise healthy and happy children.  These families are buying everything from infant apparel and diapers to their first homes and insurance, as well as, establishing careers, investing in their children's education and planning family vacations.  

   - Child's Birth Date - 15,000,000
   - Child's Age by Gender - 4,400,000
   - Back-to-School Shopper - 3,400,000
   - New Baby Supplies Shopper - 2,800,000
   - First Child in the Home - 800,000
   - Children's Recency of Purchase - 12M
   - Grandchildren - 5,700,000
   - MOB Children's Products - 5,100,000    
   - Children's Books - 6,300,000
Consumer Demand - Young Families is highly selectable and allows you to target Young Families at all stages (inquire for pricing):
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