434,939Last 24 Mos Donors $85.00/M
126,299Feb'18-Apr'18 Donors +$15.00/M
287,872Nov'17-Apr'18 Donors +$10.00/M
172,97124 Mos $100+ Donors +$15.00/M
61,51124 Mos $250+ Donors +$20.00/M
This is not just another voter registration file.  Democratic Super Donors comprises the most loyal Democratic voter/donors.  This file goes way beyond Democratic voter registration.  That is just the first step in the process. From there, the data set is culled to identify the most deeply Democratic voters - verified from numerous elections' worth of voter data. These voters/donors cast a vote in nearly every primary and general election. From there, the universe is cross-referenced against several confirmed multi-donor data sources. Only those who have made multiple political contributions are included on the file.  40% have donated $100+.

These Democratic influencers have disposable    income and their passion for making the world a better place goes beyond politics.  They are  ideal prospects for a variety of environmental  causes, humanitarian causes, and cultural fundraising appeals.

Can select Donors by Interest Category @ +$10/M
   6 Month Advocacy        58,078
  12 Month Advocacy       106,068

   6 Month Environmental   54,040
  12 Month Environmental   91,479
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