18,930,000Total File $100.00/M
8,700,000Good/Excellent Credit+$ 15.00/M
4,200,000Poor Credit+$ 15.00/M
2,300,000Credit Card Debt - $15K++$ 15.00/M
95,000Total Debt - $15K++$ 15.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 85.00/M offers consumers a variety of ways they can save money. Consumers also have access to a huge collection of informative articles and simple tips that will help them save more money in brand new ways.                      
The Get It Free - Financial Stability responders file is a masterfile of self-reported users and survey responders which allows marketers the opportunity to select and reach their target audience.  With 18.2 million responders available, the list offers larger monthly hotlines with greater roll out potential than other files.  This masterfile is comprised of consumers who have opted to provide their financial standing.

-How much credit card debt do you currently carry?

-The average American credit score is about 620, which is fair. Would you consider your credit excellent, good, fair, or poor?

-How much debt do you currently have?

-Many Americans owe more than $15,000 in credit card debt. Do you?

-Millions of Americans are burdened by debt every year. What debt do you currently worry about most?
Below are a few of the various survey questions selectable @ $15.00/M:
Dr. Leonard's Health Products
M & M Bedding, LLC
Royal Sea Cruises
Tony Robbins Tour
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