1,267,490E-Mail Addresses $100.00/M
The AppConnexx Health and Fitness E-Mail masterfile has over 1 million verified records and over 500 selectable mobile device app categories that have been downloaded by health and fitness enthusiasts. AppConnexx takes the lead in offering marketers the opportunity to select ongoing health and fitness behavior, which allows for a targeted focus of their desired prospect audience.  AppConnexx is great for any health, wellness, nutrition, or fitness offer trying to reach health conscious consumers.

With regard to compliance, AppConnexx has      
confirmed approval to receive 3rd party        
information through a double opt-in process and
as another guarantee, all the data is can-spam
compliant.  Should you want to enhance your    
email campaign with a direct mail promotion,  
AppConnexx offers email with a matching postal
address on 95% of the database.
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