22,000,000Total File $85.00/M
8,600,000Millennials $85.00/M
(Women is their 20-30s)
7,300,000Generation X $85.00/M
(Women in their 40-50s)
4,100,000Baby Boomers $85.00/M
(Women in mid 50-60s)
Unlimited Selects +$25.00/M
Women Connexx is a brand new cooperative database of direct response females that allows marketers and advertisers to truly target today's power purchaser...the American woman.

Below are some incredible facts about the strength of purchase power U.S. women currently possess.

Women account for 85% of all U.S. consumer purchases

   91% of New Homes
   66% PCs
   92% Vacations
   80% Healthcare
   65% New Cars
   89% Bank Accounts
   93% Food
   93% OTC Pharmaceuticals

These are just the shared needs of a household. This does not include personal purchases in beauty, health, apparel, children's products, home decor, household items and so much more.

Women Connexx offers every way to select your perfect female prospects with Demographic, Geographic, Household, Lifestyle, Donor and Charitable Giving, Purchase History, Buyer Behaviors and beyond, all for the capped cost of $25/M in selection fees.

We also offer modeling at no upfront cost to the advertiser! We offer the current models:
   Good Customer Match
   Mailed Regression

Model Cost $85/M Base + $25/M Scoring Fees. (50,000 name/12 month minimum)
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