1,008,338Active Subscribers $115.00/M
Wiland Scoring Feers+$ 27.00/M
($300/F Minimum Scoring)
Fundraising Rate $ 75.00/M
Catalog Rate $ 80.00/M
Real Simple is dedicated to making readers'    
lives easier, happier, and more beautiful -    
every single day.  It provides easy strategies  
for simplifying everyday life and includes      
solutions for improvements inside and outside of
the home, organizational tips, beauty tips to  
cut time off morning routines, healthy habits  
that promote a better lifestyle, simple recipes,
and ideas for entertaining for real people.    

Wiland Direct members can apply their models to
Real Simple's subscriber universe to connect  
with their ideal customer type for highly      
successful multichannel campaigns. This        
opportunity is open to any participant in the  
Wiland Direct Database.                        
Names will be delivered net of the mailer's    
house file.

Models can also be applied across the combined
and unduplicated masterfile of Time Inc.      
publications - please see separate Time Inc.  
Wiland Direct Modeled Masterfile.
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